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Moderator. Loud. Brightly Colored. Once spent a season announcing Minor League Baseball games, and professionally sold boardgames.


Favorite Games: Stockpile, Quacks, Just One, Tumblin' Dice, anything with a built in toy, or where you flick things


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Reader of Snack Bags. Professional Guessing School. Feeder of Cat. Was Once in A Zombie Movie, Performed with Stomp.


Favorite Games: Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Fluxx, We Didn't Playtest This Game, Time's Up


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Backstabbity. Spells Bryan Correctly. Champion of Spicy Food.


Favorite Games: Dead Last, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Hellapagos, Telestrations, Quacks


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Also And Additional. Spells Brian Correctly. Sworn Enemy of Spicy Food.


Favorite Games: Unstable Unicorns, Ad Liners, Trivia Murder Party, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Omega Virus


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Longest Turns Ever. Awkward Conversationalist.


Favorite Games: Terraforming Mars, Twilight Struggle


Never Met a Rule She Could Remember. Never Met a Game She Can't Win. Mom. Speaks 4 Languages. Terrible at Improv.


Favorite Games: Agricola, Tichu, Whatever you Want to Play.


Grumpy. Grumpier. Grumpiest


Favorite Games: Telestrations


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Party Gamecat. Kibbles. Noms, 

party game cast emeritus


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Pretty Boi, King, Above Average at Mortal Kombat, Worked for the UFC


Favorite Games: Steve Jackson Zombie Games


Word Nerd. Degree in Guessing. Can Draw. OG Cast Member. Ghostbuster. Spoopy.


Clearly a Wizard. Unicorn Enthusiast. Founding Member. Doctor What, Loves Rainbows.

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Used to be a podcast. Hosted our show as a goof.


Favorite Games: Cheesy weird and obscure games, also Monopoly, also Roll Estate


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